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Very Low Risk for breastfeeding

Safe. Compatible.
Minimal risk for breastfeeding and infant.

A uric acid derivative that is found in body fluids (urine, amniotic fluid, saliva) of certain animals (cows, snails) and plants (comfrey).
Uric acid is the final product from the degradation of purines in humans and primates that do not possess an enzyme which degrades uric acid to allantoin in other mammals and non-mammals.
Purines are very abundant in meats, entrails, fish, seafood and beer.

Allantoin is used topically as a cosmetic and in oral hygiene products. It has healing properties (PubChem 2017 7.1)

Since the last update date we have not found published data on its excretion in breastmilk.

The low plasma absorption of most topical dermatological preparations makes it unlikely that it will transfer to breast milk in significant amounts.

There is no known toxicity (Akema 2012).

Do not apply on the chest in order to prevent the infant from ingesting it; if necessary, apply after breastfeeding and clean well with water before the next feed.


We do not have alternatives for Allantoin since it is relatively safe.

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Variable Value Unit
Molecular weight 158 daltons


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