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High Risk

Poorly safe. Evaluate carefully. Use safer alternative or interrupt breastfeeding 3 to 7 T ½ (elimination half-lives). Read the Comment.

On last update no relevant published data on breastfeeding were found.

Because of toxicity mostly for the liver, and, lack of proven beneficial pharmacologic effects, it would be wise to avoid usage while breastfeeding. Otherwise, consumption of infusion should be occasional but never use essential oil.

Aerial summits of plant are used. Contains essential oils (Pulegone), Flavonoids and Tannins.

Pulegone induces abortion has toxicity against the liver, kidney and neurological system. It is found very concentrated in essential oil but much lesser in infusions. However, lethal or severe cases in infants who had ingested small portions of infusion have been reported.

Unproven properties are: Anti-spasmodic, Digestive, Hypnotic.

Indications from the Commission E of the German Ministry of Health: none


We do not have alternatives for Pennyroyal.

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Other names

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Main tradenames from several countries containing Pennyroyal in its composition:

  • Wunderbalsam™. Contains other elements than Pennyroyal in its composition


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