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Mycophenolate Mofetil

Low Risk

Moderately safe. Probably compatible. Mild risk possible. Follow up recommended. Read the Comment.

Immunosuppressant indicated in the prophylaxis of acute renal, cardiac or liver allogeneic transplant rejection.
Oral administration twice a day.

Since the last update we have not found any published data on its excretion in breast milk.

Its pharmacokinetic data (large volume of distribution and high percentage of protein binding) makes transfer into breastmilk in significant quantities unlikely.
No problems have been observed in infants breastfed for up to 14 months whose mothers were taking it (Constantinescu 2014).
Its use is authorized in infants from 3 months of age (FDA 2018).

Mycophenolate is considered unsafe during lactation by various medical societies and expert consensus (Hale 2019, Birru 2020, Brown 2017, Briggs 2017, (Shah 2016), Flint 2016, Götestam 2016, Noviani 2016, Butler 2014, Weber 2008, Mahadevan 2006, Østensen 2006, Temprano 2005).
Until there is more published data on this drug in relation to breastfeeding, safer known alternatives are preferable (Shah 2016), especially during the neonatal period and in cases of prematurity.


  • Azathioprine ( Safe. Compatible. Minimal risk for breastfeeding and infant.)
  • Ciclosporin ( Safe. Compatible. Minimal risk for breastfeeding and infant.)
  • Prednisone ( Safe. Compatible. Minimal risk for breastfeeding and infant.)
  • Tacrolimus ( Safe. Compatible. Minimal risk for breastfeeding and infant.)

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Variable Value Unit
Oral Bioavail. 94 %
Molecular weight 434 daltons
Protein Binding 97 %
VD 3,6 ± 1.5 l/Kg
pKa 9,76 -
Tmax 1 - 1,5 hours
T1/2 17, 9 ± 6.5 hours

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