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Safe substance and/or breastfeeding is the best option.

Prostaglandin E1 analogue that is used in the prevention of gastroduodenal ulcers associated with the use of NSAIDs and induction of labor and abortion provocation. Oral, vaginal or rectal administration.

It is excreted in breast milk in clinically non-significant amount. (Vogel 2004, Abdel 2003)

No reports of adverse effects of misoprostol in infants of mothers taking misoprostol have been published. (Pfizer 2021)

MIsoprostol is found naturally in breast milk and colostrum. (Shimizu 1992)

Due to the tiny concentration that it reaches in breast milk after its administration and its rapid elimination, it is not necessary to wait any time to be able to breastfeed (Sääv 2010), as some authors say. (FLASOG 2013)

Misoprostol does not affect maternal serum hormone levels of prolactin, TSH, and cortisol. (Bremme 1982)


We do not have alternatives for Misoprostol since it is relatively safe.

Suggestions made at e-lactancia are done by APILAM team of health professionals, and are based on updated scientific publications. It is not intended to replace the relationship you have with your doctor but to compound it. The pharmaceutical industry contraindicates breastfeeding, mistakenly and without scientific reasons, in most of the drug data sheets.

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Other names

Misoprostol in other languages or writings:


Main tradenames from several countries containing Misoprostol in its composition:


Variable Value Unit
Oral Bioavail. 88-100 %
Molecular weight 383 daltons
Protein Binding 80 -90 %
VD 0.19 ± 0.11 l/Kg
pKa 14.69 -
Tmax 0.35 ± 0.19 hours
0.85 ± 0.12 hours
M/P ratio 0.01 - 0.05 -
Theoretical Dose < 0.000001 mg/Kg/d
Relative Dose 0.03 - 1.5 %


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