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Low Risk

Moderately safe. Probably compatible. Mild risk possible. Follow up recommended. Read the Comment.

Látex obtenido de la corteza de árboles de la especie Croton. Contiene polifenoles (catequina, epicatequina, galocatequina, epigalocatequina y proantocianidinas. Propiedades: Cicatrizante, antséptica (virus y bacterias), antidiarréica y antiinflamatoria (, Pona 2019, Jones 2003). Administración tópica y oral.

A fecha de última actualización no encontramos datos publicados sobre su excreción en leche materna.

La escasa absorción plasmática de la mayoría de preparaciones dermatológicas  tópicas  hacen poco probable el paso de cantidad significativa a leche materna.Su uso tópico es totalmente compatible con la lactancia. No aplicar sobre el pecho para evitar que el lactante lo ingiera; caso necesario, aplicar tras una toma y limpiar bien con agua antes de la próxima.

Varios de los componentes de la sangre de drago, se agrupan en un compuesto (Crofelemer) de alto peso molecular e inabsorbible por vía oral que se utiliza como antidiarréico. (MedlinePlus 2021, Nee 2019)

No se han reportado efectos secundarios tóxicos con su utilización adecuada por vía oral, por lo que, a dosis correctas, sería compatible con la lactancia.  

Precautions when taking plant preparations (Anderson 2017, Powers 2015, Posadzki 2013, Efferth 2011, Kopec 1999): 

  1. Make sure they are from a reliable source. Poisonings have occurred due to confusion of one plant with another with toxic properties (Hsu 1995), poisonings due to containing heavy metals extracted from the soil and food poisoning due to contamination with bacteria or fungi. 
  2. Do not take in excess. Follow the recommendations of professional experts in herbal medicine. “Natural” products are not good in any quantity: plants contain active substances from which a large part of our traditional pharmacopoeia has been obtained and can cause poisoning or act as endocrine disruptors because they contain phytoestrogens (Powers 2015) if they are consumed in an exaggerated quantity or time.

Suggestions made at e-lactancia are done by APILAM team of health professionals, and are based on updated scientific publications. It is not intended to replace the relationship you have with your doctor but to compound it. The pharmaceutical industry contraindicates breastfeeding, mistakenly and without scientific reasons, in most of the drug data sheets.

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Other names

クロフェレマー is Dragon´s blood in Japanese.

Is written in other languages:

クロフェレマー is also known as


Main tradenames from several countries containing クロフェレマー in its composition:


Variable Value Unit
Oral Bioavail. ≈ 0 %
Molecular weight Crofelemer: 900 - 9.000 daltons


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