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Safe substance and/or breastfeeding is the best option.

The seeds of this leguminous herb are used. Contains: carbohydrates (galactomannan type mucilages), proteins, saponins, flavonoids, sterols (cholesterol, sitosterol) and sotolone ( Attributed properties: orexigenic, hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic (Gong 2016). European Medicines Agency and German Ministry of Health Commission E indications: oral use for anorexia, topical use for dermatitis. (EMA 2018, Blumenthal 1998)

Widely used as a galactogogue in numerous cultures around the world. (Bazzano 2016, Sim 2013, The Royal Women's.. 2013, Winterfeld 2012, Ayers 2000)

Many papers find no galactogogue effect with fenugreek (Palacios 2023, Simbar 2022, Reeder 2011, Damanik 2006), or only in the first 3 days postpartum (Abdou 2018), or with honey added to the fenugreek. (Simbar 2022)

Studies documenting increased milk production attributable to fenugreek intake are scarce (Bumrungpert 2018, Ghasemi 2015, El Sakka 2014, Turkyılmaz 2011) and with various methodological flaws (mixing of several compounds, lack of blinding...):

  • A randomized, double-blind trial demonstrates that a mixture of fenugreek, ginger and turmeric increases milk production (50% at 2 weeks and 100% at 4 weeks) in exclusively breastfeeding mothers at 1 month postpartum. (Bumrungpert 2018)
  • A meta-analysis of 4 randomized trials (El Sakka 2014, Reeder 2011, Turkyilmaz 2011 and Damanik 2006) shows increased milk production of fenugreek vs. placebo, although less than Coleus amboinicus (torbangun, an oriental soup) and date palm, but there was no difference at 14 days (Khan 2018), but the results could be wrong according to another author. (Grzeskowiak 2021)

More and better studies are needed to provide sufficient evidence to make clinical recommendations for its use as a galactogogue. (Foong 2020, ABM 2018, Bazzano 2016, Mortel 2013, Forinash 2012, Zapantis 2012, AEP LM Committee 2012)

No problems have been observed in infants whose mothers took it (Wagner 2019, Bumrungpert 2018, Turkyılmaz 2011), nor in preterm infants. (Özalkaya 2018, Reeder 2011)

No increased antioxidant capacity could be demonstrated in the milk of women who drank mixed infusions of this and other herbs. (Kavurt 2013)

Given its wide use and lack of toxicity, moderate consumption would be compatible with breastfeeding, but high doses may produce hypoglycemia (Gong 2016, EMA 2011) , nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, weight gain, and a characteristic odor of sweat, urine, feces, and breast milk due to sotolone that may force differential diagnosis with maple syrup disease. (McBride 2021, Bazzano 2017, Korman 2001, Sewell 1999)

Do not use as a galactogogue without sanitary control. The best galactogogue is frequent on-demand breastfeeding with correct technique in a mother who retains her self-confidence. (ABM 2018 and 2011, Anderson 2013, Forinash 2012, Mannion 2012)


  • Domperidone (Safe substance and/or breastfeeding is the best option.)
  • Metoclopramide (Safe substance and/or breastfeeding is the best option.)

Suggestions made at e-lactancia are done by APILAM team of health professionals, and are based on updated scientific publications. It is not intended to replace the relationship you have with your doctor but to compound it. The pharmaceutical industry contraindicates breastfeeding, mistakenly and without scientific reasons, in most of the drug data sheets.

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Main tradenames from several countries containing Fenugreek in its composition:


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