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Herpes-Zoster Virus

Low Risk probable for breastfeeding

Moderately safe.
Mild risk possible. Follow up recommended.
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Varicella is a disease which is contagious for some days before skin lesions appear to be evident, thus, isolation of the mother is useless. On immune – compromised infants, or those mothers to whom varicella has been first noticed within 5 days before, or, 2 days after delivery (it means that a low rate of antibodies have been transferred to the newborn) start therapy with hyperimmune immunoglobulin and follow-up the baby. On those cases of Herpes zoster infection, take standard hygienic measures (hand washing) and avoid close contact with skin lesions.


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Other names

Herpes-Zoster Virus is also known as Maternal Varicella.


Herpes-Zoster Virus belongs to this group or family:


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